Weaner calves

  • Exporting weaners is our core business.
  • Depending on the needs of our customers, these young beasts, male or female, are marketed at an age of between 6 and 12 months and a weight of between approximately 250 and 500 kg.
  • Raised for a significant part of their life in the open air, with their mothers, their diet has been mainly natural, based on milk and grass.
  • We meticulously select animals whose weight/age ratio enables our customers to produce young and high-quality meat, under satisfactory economic conditions.
  • We can propose livestock reared according to a technical brief corresponding to the quality criteria of our customers, such as guaranteed GMO-free feed from birth (raw materials 99.1% minimum GMO-free), or an organic farming mode.
  • Our health preparation centres enable us to condition the animals according to the health requirements of the destination country, or according to the demands of our customers.